Our students are quick to agree that at Open Door Yoga,
we are more than just another Raleigh yoga studio.   We are
a community of friends from all walks of life and all body types,
who come together to laugh, sweat, sometimes cry, and
to help each other be strong; to reach a little deeper and push
ourselves a little further than we thought we could.



Open Door is a community-based hot yoga studio in Raleigh, NC that offers classes in Heated Hatha Yoga. Our classes are suitable for everyone; from yoga first-timers to advanced students. We love to explore the potential of yoga, but care most about creating an environment where everyone is truly accepted and welcomed. We invite you to join us and a fastly growing community of Raleigh yoga practitioners to come see how a consistent practice of simple hatha yoga can increase your health, energy, smiles and help you get the most out of our greatest tools: our brains and our bodies!


What Our Students are Saying

Open Door Yoga Studio, 745 West Johnson Street, Raleigh, North Carolina 27603 - Phone: 919 455-5772



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