Open Door Yoga opened up it’s “doors” in the heart of Raleigh, NC in 2007 with the goal of providing a place where anyone can do yoga and stay healthy.

The classes at Open Door Yoga Studio are suitable for everyone; from yoga first-timers to advanced students.  The poses and sequencing in our classes are based on a yoga system developed by the highly respected yoga teacher and physical culturist, Bishnu Ghosh.  He was well known for combining pure yoga posture (asana) practice with weight training to help athletes and sick people alike. Combining expertise in muscle control and a lifetime of exposure to yoga through his family, he became famous for teaching his students to do the impossible with their bodies through breath and mental techniques. But, locally he was loved for helping anyone use yoga to deal with the daily burdens of the hard life in urban Kolkata. Often braking social rules about who could practice yoga. His most well known student is Bikram Choudhury, who spread his “Bikram Torture Chamber” all over the world within 25 years of leaving his teacher.

Whether you are looking to support your body through stress, athletic programs or just want to be mindful while exercising, this is the place for you.

Open Door’s specialty is Hot Yoga and beginner students, even those with health issues and injuries.

We combine the hot yoga practice with unheated yoga of various styles, kettle bell and body weight strengthening, as well as Pilates to give our students a well rounded way to use their bodies. Use it or lose it! We are constantly exploring intelligent and mindful ways to increase the functionality of our bodies. We have seasonal run clubs, special events, workshops and traininings through out the year in order to help you educate yourself at your own pace. No matter what class you are taking, we focus on alignment, breath and getting the most out of a yoga practice.  It’s all done in a low key environment where we push you to work your hardest without any judgement of the result of trying. In fact, the only time you may get applauded in class is when you fall out of a posture!

We believe that your body should be a useful tool, not a disruptive distraction. We are excited to meet you! Be sure to sign up for our New Student Intro Week: $20 for one week of unlimited classes.