Tiffany Ingersoll, Senior Teacher

Yoga is my passion, my drug and my therapy.” Tiffany first began dabbling in yoga in 2000, but it was not until she found the Ghosh lineage and practice in 2005 that she really fell in love with yoga.  What really hooked Tiffany and ended up being the driving factor to becoming a teacher in 2008 was finding through a consistent and honest practice she was able to heal her own body after years of living with pain.  With a background as a SCUBA and sailing instructor and an undergraduate degree in education, Tiffany has applied her loving of teaching to her yoga classes.  To her, each student is a puzzle and it is her goal to adapt her teaching to the needs of her students.  And though a teacher now, she is a life time student, continually absorbing more to bring to her classes.


Christopher Grohs, Senior Teacher

Christopher Grohs is a yoga instructor and bodyworker. He’s equal parts facilitator and educator. Christopher loves incorporating movement into his work, so coupling his yoga training with touch therapy helps bring students into their body and their experience; it slows him to be present for them, and gives students a space to be present for themselves. Christopher feels yoga is about making decisions about how you want to feel; empowering you to make subtle changes in your routine that open up new channels of potential.

Christopher’s interest in anatomy and physiology led him to continuing education courses on the universal principles of alignement, asana and the organ systems, and eventually to massage school; all of which heavily influence his teaching and offer greater refinement in all postures. Many hours spent learning the intricacies of movement, touch and mindfulness at Wake Technical Community College’s Massage Program helped him cultivate a practice that invites people to stand fully in their strong, energetic bodies. His hope is to share that passion, and ignite your own.


Mike Beatty

I began practicing at Open Door in 2010. A lifetime of soccer, Ultimate frisbee and a desk job had taken their toll on my shoulders, back, hips, knees and ankles. My limited mobility was adversely affecting my work, sleep and ability to interact with my two young children. Two months of a steady practice had results — sciatica disappearing, plantar fasciitis reduced, lower back ache gone. After 18 months I did the 1 month intensive — 6 days per week for 4 weeks. That led me to consider teacher training, which I completed 4 years after I first walked through the door. Four years of yoga have reduced my stress levels and improved my physical conditioning, making me a better husband, father and friend. It also allows me to continue to enjoy good beer.


Lanier Senter

I began practicing yoga in 2009 at a Bikram studio in Atlanta. I found that yoga is what keeps my body running smoothly and if my body or mind ever needs a repair, yoga is there to fix it. I also enjoy running, hiking and doing crossfit. In 2013, I had my itch to learn something new again, and finally found a teacher training that was suitable for my schedule. My goal is to one day be as great of a teacher and mentor of those that have been to me.


Maureen Schmitz

A former dancer, athlete turned Yogini.  Maureen is a natural born lover of Movement!  She joins the ODY family after completing the 300-Hour Bija Hot Yoga Teacher Training.  Maureen is interested in yoga as a functional form to recover from injuries, prevent injuries and to sustain overall health.  Her classes offer a nurturing space for students of all levels to embrace their physicality, quiet their mind and release daily stressors.


Adrienne Morton

Adrienne first came to Open Door to sweat and move but soon realized what she truly needed was to slow down. It was time on the mat that gave her a better perspective to let go of that which did not serve her and others off the mat.  Just like your practice, life will change everyday, and the best way to prepare is to let go of the junk as best you can.  When she isn’t trying to ‘rebalance’ her life, Adrienne loves to work and travel with her photographer husband, Jack, chase their puppy Mabel around the neighborhood, teach cycling and nutrition classes, and spend time in the sunshine.

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