• Starts January 1st, but you can sign up anytime during January
  • Must choose a commitment level of completing 30 to 72 classes within the 90 days.
  • Cost: $8 (exclusive of normal cost of class attendance)


Join the Open Door community for our annual 90 Day Challenge!

Our theme this year is Building Resilience by committing to taking care of ourselves in whatever way that may look. We often think that to be tough we have to do tough things. And so our self care often looks like pushing ourselves to the edge whenever we work out or practice yoga.

At Open Door, we offer ways to find your strength within your means; in sustainable methods that help to actually refill your well of energy and passion, rather than deplete it. So, whether your practice is hot and sweaty one day or soft and on a blister the next day, commit to taking the time to care for your self. It’s been known to shift patterns and perspectives, which can make the whole world seem like a much friendlier place.


You can start any time in the month of January. When you sign up and pay your very small $8 entrance fee*, place your name on the chalkboard wall, along with your start date and how many classes you are challenging yourself to complete in the 90 day period. We suggest anywhere between 30 to 72 classes. But, NOT 90. Every BODY needs a day off. There are 90 spaces on the board, each representing a day in your challenge, whether you come to class or not. Simply mark the days you come and don’t mark the days you don’t come.

Have fun and be sure to reach out to teachers for support when you need it!

*We are charging a $8 entrance fee to cover the mounting cost of hosting a challenge that is often very full! In the last 10 years, it has grown from 15 people to well over 60 last year!

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