Monica Shannon is the founder and director of Open Door Yoga and the Bija Hot Yoga Teacher Training program

Monica Shannon, Founder/Director

Monica Shannon is the founder and director of Open Door Yoga. Monica draws upon a lifetime of exploring the potential of mind/body relationship through sports, dancing, extensive backpacking, pregnancies and motherhood…not to mention her 17 years and thousands of hours of teaching, studying and practicing conscious movement.

Her journey as a student and teacher began with Bikram Yoga in 2001. Drawing from her experience in this organization, she was inspired to created a space that was safe, informed and accessible. Her desire to simplify the path toward self awareness outside of dogma and belief systems is still a strong influence on the constantly evolving programming at Open Door. She has found the modern versions of Hatha Yoga to be complicated and often times intimidating and inaccessible to most people. Striving to make yoga accessible and sustainable for older, younger, injured and those dealing with chronic health issues, Monica started studying human biomechanics and movement principles. Her studies took her to Tony Sanchez for options outside of the strict Bikram Method and ultimately to Gary Ward with Anatomy in Motion. Bringing evidence based knowledge to Open Door about how to safely strengthen and optimize human movement is something she is willing to talk to anyone about for any length of time.

Open Door’s class programming reflects her deep respect and understanding of the body’s intelligence as well as the power of using our minds with kindness and love. Her classes are full of her love for the intelligent science and simplicity behind the power of moving ones body well. She consistently inspires and pushes her students by giving them knowledge and space to find their own path.

Outside of the practice room, Monica is a wife, mom to three little and not so little sprites, aspiring urban farmer, and really bad cook who never stops trying!

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