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Dear Open Door Yoga,

I loved my first attempt of hot yoga, even after one session my body feels amazing! I can feel muscles in my arms and legs that I haven’t felt in a long time. Thanks to my gorgeous sister Tracie for bringing me along and the group for making me feel welcome. Being a mother of three it felt relaxing for not only my body but my mind as well, thank you!

I am eager for my next visit!
– Alice H.

Personally, I have to say I had a really great experience here.  It’s a very upbeat hot yoga environment and the focus seems to be more on feeling great and advancing your practice, rather than burning x number of calories and getting skinny, as in with some other studios.  I consider myself to be just overweight enough that I’m not very comfortable wearing tiny shorts and a sports bra but I did not feel the slightest bit judged or uncomfortable here, as I have in other studios. The teacher who taught our class, Kate, was great.  I really appreciated how she not only explained how to do the postures, but also what the physical internal benefits of the postures are. I too found it to be extremely clean and not smelly at all, which I’m sure is not easy to do in a place designed to make humans sweat!! I will definitely be back.
– Julie H.

I have been going to Open Door for over a year now.  I LOVE this place.  The instructors want you to have a good experience and achieve what is best for you — not necessarily pushing to the max.  Don’t get me wrong … you will not feel under worked, but the focus is on doing YOUR best.

I did Bikram (North Raleigh) for a month and really liked it.  I started at Open Door because it was a convenient location for me.  This is basically the same…. same poses, but a little more relaxed pace.

When you come to Open Door, the instructors are going to talk to you.  There is lots of energy …  people sometimes chat in the room before class starts.  This was new for me since there is silence at Bikram, but I like the vibe and have learned to use my mindfulness to stay in my “zone” if that is my desire for the day.  Open Door is visited by lots of young people and even though I am not young, I feel welcome.

Hot yoga is wonderful.  My only regret is that I waited until I was in my 60s to start it.  Try it … it is addictive in the best sort of way!
– Sylvia S.

I really like this studio. A friend recommended it to me after I told her that I had been visiting another local studio. The instructor was great- very relaxed, encouraging, and offered good corrections. The payment system is great because it is donation based, asking you to give only what you can afford to that day without any sort of guilt trip or judgement about how much or how little. I look forward to coming back!
– Rebecca B.

I am a Bikram girl but went here because I was in Raleigh and was dying for some hot yoga.

My first impression of it was woah, smell, but that’s pretty typical for hot yoga studios – sweaty people can smell pretty bad.

While it wasn’t as intense as Bikram, the instructor was awesome and truly cared about her students’ yoga experience.

The “donation” system really is legit – there’s no awkward moment where you have to say how much you’re giving (if you’re not giving the recommended $12)- you just put your money in a jar and sign in.

I even used the showers afterward because I was staying downtown for dinner.  Clean and comfortable.

I was impressed!
– Courtney C.

I stumbled across Open Door while in Raleigh one afternoon.  I quickly looked it up on google to find out more about the studio because I’ve been looking for another place to do yoga that is close to my work.

I was shocked to see that it is a donation only studio.  I get it though, because if you take a class here I don’t know how you wouldn’t feel compelled to make a donation to support what they’ve got going on here.  The teachers are amazing.  So helpful and friendly.  The studio is a bit small, but perfectly sized for what they have going on.  I didn’t notice a smell like a previous reviewer.  I found the entire place to be extremely clean.  I really, really enjoyed my experience here and am so glad I now have a hot yoga studio minutes from my work and one that offers a 90-minute class on Friday evenings.  What a great way to start the weekend and end the work week.

Oh, and you can park in the lot across the street or park on the street in designated parking areas.  They also have water and coconut water for sale.  I believe you can even purchase/rent towels and mats if needed.
– Kristi W.

I love this place. The instructors are so friendly, and I think the donation system is a great idea. If you bring cash you can just put it in the jar without having to say how much you’re donating (the recommended used to be $12, now the website says $15). I feel so great after each visit, and especially the next day. Can’t wait for my next class!
– L.P.

I have been here about 5 times. I have been practicing Bikram Yoga for 8 months ( I am a beginner).  I love what the bikram/hot method does for my health and my mind.  This studio is very much like a bikram studio except that the instructors are nice and they add half pigeon in the middle of the sequence (yay!). I liked it before, but since the re-model, it is superb. Very clean and no smell. Raleigh is a lucky town to have such a studio.
There is a great spirit here and I recommend it highly.
– Irustin B.

easily the best hot yoga studio i’ve ever been to, and i’ve been to many. the studio itself is always very clean. the floor in the studio is made of a soft, rubberlike material, which is easier to keep clean than carpet or wood. if you’ve practiced hot yoga in carpeted studios, you know why this is important.

the studio owner, monica bradfield, had the good sense to put not one, but two showers in the changing rooms.

the teachers are for the most part amazing and are all interested in form and alignment, which they emphasize over depth.

in addition to the hot 90 minute classes that most people are familiar with, they also have some additional hot classes that help to keep things interesting. they include a sunday afternoon class with renee (samana) that will kick your butt, a friday morning class with jill (simple yoga) that is a ton of fun and challenging, and a saturday evening hot flow class with claudine, which is done to music. there are too many good teachers to name here – just know that you’re in good hands no matter who the teacher is.

other plusses: it’s a donation only studio, you can pay in cash or with credit the amount you want to give, there is ample parking in a free lot across the street, and a *free* filtered water drinking fountain means that you don’t have to buy water every class, or worry about bringing water from home.

monica has really cultivated an amazing yoga community in downtown raleigh. everyone is welcome.
– Phillip C.

I am usually a pilates girl but my friend wanted me to try her hot yoga class. OMG!! This place is great!

The teachers are so encouraging and  it is small and personal class which I really like.  They always have free water, showers, and changing rooms. They also have great parking which is rare for downtown Raleigh.  If you are an early bird like me they do have early morning classes.

How much would you pay for all this? $200, $300? NO! They only ask for a donation! Can you believe that?  I have found my third home 🙂

P.S – Put some conditioner in your hair before class and you have a free deep conditioning treatment too.
– Brenda W.

Beautiful place to practice. I practiced here for over a year before a moved out of the area. It is here that I fell in love with yoga. The owner, Monica, is amazing as are the instructors. I feel the need to state that again. the instructors are AMAZING. I had the pleasure of visiting this Sunday and taking a class with Jennifer F. She is truly amazing and her dialogue is so healing I cannot even begin to describe.
This place and this yoga will heal your body, mind and heart. Conducive to this the studio is all donation based. It is a wonderful special place and will always have a home in my heart. It may not have the fanciest heating system or space ever but it feels like I am home every time I visit. I practice at a Bikram studio now because it is in my building but Open Door will always be number one. They also have many workshops and variations of the class and the dialogue so it never gets boring and you are always challenged to deepen your practice.
– Jennifer B.

I have been practicing Bikram Yoga for over 4 years.  I am a definite believer in the healing hot yoga provides: physically, mentally, emotionally.  I swear by it!  I am also a believer in the atmosphere a studio maintains.  Open Door Yoga is a beautiful place with incredible instructors.  They bring a unique combination of accurate corrections and guidance in the postures, along with encouragement to have freedom within your practice. These are true yogis who love what they do.  It shows!  I feel like I’m starting a whole new yoga journey, and I couldn’t be happier 🙂

If you’re curious about hot yoga, come try it- I promise it will change your life.

If you are already loving the yoga, but practicing somewhere else, come try Open Door- it will change your life…again.
– Rebecca L.

I have been attending Open Door since September of this year and they are truly incredible.  I had done yoga all over the triangle and never really found it until I came to open door.  Monica is amazing; as all her instructors are; and truly set the stage for a beautiful practice for a beginner or seasoned practioner.  Love it, and the renovations are going to be awesome!!!
– Emily N.

Hands down the best yoga studio in Raleigh!

The instructors are really nice, knowledgable and are eager to make this the best experience for everyone in the class.
The studio is clean (so are the showers) and the vibe is great.

I really like the donation-only cost..though I do try to pay at least the suggested $12 per class which is still (in my opinion) a bargain for what you get.

Do yourself a favor and give this studio a try.
– Matt M.

I loved Open Door!! The teachers are so laid back and are so intelligent. You can tell they really know there stuff! When I had a couple questions after class they were more than willing to answer them in detail. I highly recommend this studio!
– Emily W.

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