Foraging Group Ride

Every Saturday in October at 2pm

ODY → Dorothea Dix → Farmer’s Market → Boulted Bread → ODY

Join us all four Saturdays in October for a Foraging Group Bike Ride. We will leave Open Door Yoga Studio at 2:00pm (so arrive a little early please) and leisurely ride to the Farmer’s Market, weaving through the beautiful Dorothea Dix Park. There everyone is invited to grab a snack or produce should they want to make it a grocery trip. By 3:15 we will head back to the studio stopping off at Boulted Bread to complete our food stocking.

All are welcome to join us as we enjoy the beautiful fall weather, biking our fabulous city, locally sourced food, and time with each other! Please be sure to wear your helmet since we will be riding on streets and along traffic and bring a bag that will make transporting your produce easy.

Spaciousness As A Practice

In class, you will often hear us asking you to back off of depth or to not chase the stretching sensation. We know that this contradicts what many of us have heard for years in yoga classes; that it goes against the idea that more movement is better for our joints and physiological health. We have been inundated with the notion of opening our hips or shoulders, opening our hearts and our minds. For every person that needs a bit more available movement in their joints, there are just as many people that need less movement or “openness” to reduce pain and discomfort. Stability and mobility cannot exist without one another.

The trick is finding the balance between those two states that allow our bodies to operate with efficiency and power. When we find that sweet spot we will often feel “spacious”. The power will add an element of weightlessness. We feel unburdened and fluid. The efficiency will make us feel more energetic as if our endurance has multiplied. And while there is definitely work and lots of practice time involved in this process, I have found that it’s mostly a task of changing perspective. Of backing off of ourselves in the mental realm. Of giving ourselves SPACE to figure out where our sweet spot is. Often when we take public classes, we will bypass our built-in guardrails in order to do as we are told or to get a teachers approval.

We can so easily get carried away in the momentum of practicing amongst others. We strive to be good students and have been conditioned all of our lives that that means doing as we are told and believing someone else over ourselves when it comes to what our bodies need. We have also been led to believe that getting to a certain point of flexibility or strength is the goal. What happens if we redefine these arbitrary definitions and flip the perspective?

When you step back and give yourself some space, you can leave the definitions of success and achievement up to your own needs. Success can be finally learning the signals your nervous system is sending you to stop moving at a certain depth in a backbend and actually abiding by that. Therefor nurturing your spine rather than forcing it to fit into a meaningless shape. Success can be staying in final savasana until your system is calm and rested. Just the process of learning the difference between being tired and being calm can be a huge achievement in the path of learning how to care for yourself. When we are able to pause and give ourselves space in the mental realm that is always narrating a list of “must do’s” and “must be’s” we can learn to sense where we are, what we need and what is really happening. With clearer information, we are able to make different decisions about how to use the toolbox of our physical practice.

Many people have reached out about the changing business structure with so much support and interest in why I am turning towards a smaller class size for Open Door classes. For several years, I have struggled on a heart level with WHY I was still trying to get 35 or more people into a class. Why had I created a studio model dependent on that to stay alive? I finally stepped back from my incessant drive to become what I thought I was supposed to become and really looked and felt deeply about where that drive was coming from. In the heart of that, I realized it was contradicting everything in the internal world that made me feel productive and happy. I redefined “success” in my head based on the interactions that made me feel like the teacher I wanted to be. Listening to those signals and paying attention to feedback from my system required going past a healthy point in my relationship with my business. In other words, I had to keep pushing in the wrong direction until I knew for sure it wasn’t the right direction. Once I knew, it was so freeing and liberating. I felt like I had cracked a cryptic code. Inside this spaciousness of knowing what needed to change to continue to nurture the community relieved a huge burden of trying to force a square peg into a round hole, so to speak.

The funny irony is that in order to keep moving towards that spaciousness I have invited in more people, more practitioners, and teachers in order to support the community. Sometimes less space frees us from the constant cycle of trying to fill it. In our physical practice, ending the quest for more depth can often leave you in a shape or position where you have more power and ability to sense clearly. The next time you are in a posture and you feel the urge to go deeper and chase that feeling of stretch, try giving yourself some space instead.


New Year’s Eve Class 2017

December 31
$30 / $24 for members

Space limited to 40 people

Building Resilience for 2018

Join us for Open Door’s last class of the year as we learn from the past and build resilience together towards healing and growth in 2018!

Resilience helps us adapt to life’s inevitable changes through problem solving, identifying strengths, and building support. In this class, you will deliberately challenge, empower and restore your whole system as we say goodbye to 2017. The room will be moderately heated as we move through a creative twist on our Hot 90 sequence of postures and breathing.


Shop in Your Sock Feet Holiday Event

Saturday, December 9th

Join us at Open Door for our first ever SHOP IN YOUR SOCK FEET EVENT. Our talented community members are coming together on December 9th to share their wares for public purchase. We will have handmade scarves, hand turned wooden bowls, sugar scrub, essential oil blends and we’ll be serving hot cider.

Additionally, Open Door has adopted a family in need that we will be helping throughout the year a portion of the proceeds from this event will be for that family.


90 Day Challenge


STARTS:  Monday,  January 9th. You can sign up anytime before January 30th, 2017.
ENDS: 90 Days (13 weeks) from your start date.
PASSES: Use the code Challenge2017 for a 15% discount on our 3 month unlimited pass, or use your current unlimited membership.

All regular classes on our schedule are eligible.

Sign up by adding your name to our Challenge Board in the studio.


This year, we’re offering three levels. Choose to complete 26, 52 or 78 classes in 90 days. In other words, commit to coming 2, 4 or 6 times per week.

More Info

Join the Open Door community in it’s 8th annual 90 Day Challenge. Pick your own level of intensity and meet yourself on the mat! This is not about losing weight or fixing yourself, it’s about stepping up the self-care game. Making the time and honoring the commitment to do the things that have long term benefit rather than short term instant gratification. Maybe it will encourage you to try new things (even better!) and meet new friends who have the same intentions and values. We are all about the big picture and using this Challenge as a way to make big change happen one little step at a time.

Every year we celebrate the end of the challenge with a party and treats for those who participated and those who met the challenge. Extra treats for folks who do not double up to meet the challenge!

Full Circle New Years Eve Class

Saturday, December 31st | 3-5pm
$25 ($20 for members)

Class limited to 30 people. Pre-registration required.

This all levels class will include moderate heat, pranayama, traditional hot yoga, creative sequences and restorative massage ball work. We will take our time and visit all the places in the mind and body to challenge, empower and restore your whole system. Join us for Open Door’s last class of 2016 as we come Full Circle in our path towards healing and growth.


Open Door is turning 9!

We’d like to thank you all for supporting us over the last nine years and invite you to join us for an anniversary celebration.  We’d also like to use this celebration as an opportunity to give back to the community.

Please join us for any of our three anniversary classes on May 7th.  A small donation is requested, and all proceeds will go towards a scholarship fund to help practitioners who need financial assistance.

Community Classes

Free/Donation requested
10am | Hot 90
12pm | Release and Move
3pm   | Hot Vinyasa

Anniversary Party

Please bring a pot luck dish and your beverage of choice. Dessert will be provided. Plus 90 Day Challenge shirts and a raffle drawing!

Be My Sweaty Valentine

Do you want to show appreciation to a family member, friend or other loved one this holiday? If so, ask them to ‘Be My Sweaty Valentine.’

On February 14th all Open Door yoga classes* will welcome buy-one get-one visits for you and your Valentine. Simply bring a new student to class with you on Valentine’s Day and we will comp their first practice. What better way to say ‘I love you’ than with an introduction to a healthy practice.

All guests must be accompanied by a current student.
Offer good February 14, 2016 only.
*Kettle bell classes not included in promotion.

Focus through the Summer

photo 3-3

The ERV unit that now sits behind Open Door. This is a huge ventilator that keeps you oxygenated as you work hard in poses.

Focus through the Summer:
Why Open Door is the perfect studio to continue your Hot Yoga practice despite summer heat.

After 8 years of running Open Door and a combined 12 years of being involved in running a yoga studio, I can say one thing with complete confidence: the weather is probably the single biggest factor that effects the practice patterns of studio members. If the weather is bad: dedication is high, enthusiasm is out the door! If the weather is nice: Yoga? I think I’ll do savasana in my pool lounger, thank you.
Now, don’t get me wrong, I am a HUGE fan of outdoor living…soaking up every moment I can get in the sun. Bike rides, gardens, hammocks, beaches, hiking, boating, napping. In fact, when we renovated our ancient house, one of the first things we did was tear down a shaky back deck and add a screened-in porch which is now the biggest room in our house. We often end up living most of the summer out there.  But, I have also learned that if I don’t maintain at least a minimum practice regime, my body has a hard time coping with all the other activities. Sleep and relaxation get harder, digestion suffers and I end up spending more time sitting in a chair than staying active.
I have also seen this in the student population at Open Door over the last 8 years. Those of you who take the summer off usually come back with a sheepish grin and achey joints once the weather turns. And for many of us students…coming back from a break can be a huge mental hurdle because we KNOW that it will not be physically easy after months out of a regular practice. I KNOW you KNOW what I’m talking about:)
I have thought hard about how to encourage folks to keep up some sort of practice without feeling the pressure of the hot room when a lot of folks are already sweating more than usual due to the changing season.
When we expanded Open Door, this struggle was a large influence in the way the heating was set up. Did you know that Open Door is one of a just a handful of Hot Studios on the east cost that uses actual fresh outside oxygen when ventilating the room? Most studios simply recycle the air in the hot room, decreasing the oxygen levels and creating that “hard to breath” feeling as the humidity rises beyond necessity. This makes it very hard to recover post practice and can often leave folks depleted for days! Yoga should make you feel alive, energized and ready for life! Unless, of course it’s the end of your day…then go home and rest!
Other than the ventilation issue, I was very determined to make sure that folks could experience a heated class in different intensity levels because it had become very clear to me over the years that some folks really needed higher temps and some didn’t. Plus, having less intense heat is great for certain health conditions like auto-immune and thyroid issues. With a few exceptions, I do not think it’s beneficial for folks to be so challenged by the heat that surviving class is the main focus versus having enough energy and breathing capacity to work hard in the poses. Otherwise, a sauna or steam room seems more practical 🙂
So…to get to my point about practicing in the summer. If you are one of those folks who typically disappear in the summer, I want to issue an optional challenge: come to just ONE class a week. Just one. Any class. Restorative, unheated flows, silent Hot 60…what ever seems appealing. It doesn’t need to be difficult to do to be effective. And, the more appealing it seems to your inner summer yogi, the more likely you are to show up. And, then search around for outdoor classes in the area. YogaFest often holds them downtown for special occasions and there are various MeetUp groups dedicated to free or cheap classes held in locations in the area.
As far as making your beloved Hot Practice functional for the summer, here are some practical tips that may be just what you need to keep it up.
1) Hydrate! Summer brings lots of sweating and fun drinks. My habit is to keep a glass at my kitchen and bathroom sinks. Every time I am at the sink for some reason, I throw back a glass of water…it’s maybe 8 ounces. But, it adds up. And hydrating over a period of time is more effective than chugging a bunch of water at once.
2). Watch your electrolyte input. Your sweat is mostly salt and it’s the loss of electrolytes that tends to make you feel bad when you are dehydrated. There are all sorts of products to help replace electrolytes, but my favorite is good quality sea salt. I add it almost every meal I make…try dark sea salt or himyalayan pink salt…they tend to include other essential electrolytes and minerals.
3) Try some unheated classes. Most of us who love Hot Yoga tend to pass up more gentle or restorative practices, but I am here to tell you that doing some yoga that seems the opposite of your preference will only add to your preferred practice. Stay open minded and remember that maintaining a practice is about trying things multiple times in order to learn as much as you can about them. Adding restorative yoga or an unheated flow class could make your beloved Hot practice 100 times more effective.
4) Come early! Our early morning classes have a small but very regular following. These folks have discovered the beauty of yoga before sunrise! Is it easy? No way, you have to get your butt out of bed! But, it is so worth it. You walk in to the world by8am all stretched, squeezed and twisted to perfection. And the energy levels and sleep benefits are amazing.

And, just to give you even more support in maintaining your practice through the summer, we are having a big sale on ALL class passes during the Memorial Day Weekend, May 21st-May 25th. Use the promo code “SummerYoga” and get 20% off all passes!

Take it easy my friends, work hard when you need to and rest just as often. See you this summer!

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