All Levels Hot Yoga 90 and All Levels Hot 60

This Hot Yoga class is a 90 minute or 60 minute class consisting of a series of 26-32 postures and two breathing exercises practiced in a heated room.  This practice is designed to balance every system, gland and organ in the body; it will change your body from the inside out. You will sweat, stretch, strengthen and smile broadly at what you are capable of! All classes are taught by certified and experienced teachers who know how to guide and support students at any level. Be warned that this class is addictive and known to change lives!

The room is heated in zones that range from 90 degrees to 105 degrees.

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Hot Flow (60 and 90)

Our Hot Flow classes are conducted in a slightly cooler room (90-98 degrees) and use sun salutations to gradually and systematically warm up the body. We focus on maintaining a balance of movement to help you get a well rounded practice in. By the nature of “flow” it will help you build deeper control of your movement and your breath while offering a diversity of ways to move and get into and out of postures. Although this class is “all levels”, keep in mind that there is a fair amount of weight bearing on the hands.

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 Heated Align and Flow

Our spines are designed to work as springs. Absorbing the force of being upright, whether it’s walking, running or going down the stairs or carrying heavy things. In our youth we have optimal function and use of our spinal columns, but our cultural patterns of sitting to do almost everything slowly degrades the quality of spine function…resulting in a body that gradually only moves reluctantly and not very naturally. This class uses Open Doors classic posture sequence as a template, but places emphasis on exploring and re-building the springy nature of the spinal column. Expect to have fun, sweat and be amazed at your ability to move! Each class is slightly different and can include inversion work on your hands (always optional).  All that you learn is easy to implement into ANY yoga practice. The room temperature is 90-98 degrees.

Beginner Friendly.

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 Heated Bow Spring Katas

This class uses Bow Spring technique taught in the Bow Basics and Heated Bow Spring to create short, but challenging “katas” or sequences. These sequences will help you establish the relationship between having strong roots (legs and feet) and buoyant limbs (upper body). Expect to start slow and end slow, with lots of fun in between.
This class is All Levels, but assumes you have a little experience with Bow Spring.


Hot 60 plus Massage Balls

This class combines the traditional Hot 60 with 30 minutes of therapeutic massage ball work. We utilize massage balls to focus releasing soft tissue tension and inefficient movement patterns in different areas of the body.
We recommend that you purchase your own balls, but we have plenty to share!
Beginner Friendly.


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