Heated ODY Daily Practice: 60/75/90 minutes

This class harkens to our classic Hot Yoga background, but is adapted and evolved to be more functional and sustainable for long term use.
Each class begins with movement while standing, getting you nice and warm while helping you improve and maintain normal joint mobility. It can be quite challenging to move slow and mindfully! And there is lots of chances to work on one legged balancing poses. After the challenge of the standing section of class, you will finish with floor work that focuses on spine and hip mobility/strength. While this class can be challenging, it’s purposely designed to be ALL LEVELS with minimal weight bearing on the hands and zero movements that ask students to take joints past a normal range of motion. We offer an open ended savasana and the occasional cold eye towel to finish up class.

The room is heated in zones that range from 90 degrees to 105 degrees.

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Heated ODY Daily CLASS: 60/90 minutes

This class is the result of former Bikram yoga teacher and studio owner Monica Shannon working hard to educate herself and adapt her classes to be both challenging, sustainable, educational and adaptable. While loosely based on the classic hot yoga sequence and often fairly repetitive from class to class, Monica has come face to face with the truth that doing the same thing over and over loses it’s value over time and can often have the results we are trying to avoid! Using solid knowledge from movement experts and the invaluable experience of time, classic poses have been changed into movement patterns that access hard to reach areas, teach your joints to work well together and make you feel parts of your body you didn’t know existed. Expect to move super slow, using props to add load, create new experiences for your brain (which feels like load!) and to be surprisingly sore the next day.


Room is heated 90-104 degrees.

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Heated Dynamic Daily Practice/Flow 60

We have taken a traditional flow class and made it more accessible for more body types. We call this class dynamic because we focus on the cause and effect of movements in the whole body, taking advantage of our wiring rather than our tendencies to force movements.
We will set the steady rhythm with our unique style of sun salutations, as well as introduce interesting ways to move that will build strength and awareness in places often overlooked in yoga classes.
ALL Levels
Room heated up to 98 degrees. Sometimes there’s mellow music, sometimes there’s not.

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Heated Dynamic Flow 50

Join us for a simple, warm morning practice beginning with 5 minutes of personal warm-up&wake-up, 30 minutes of continuous flow, 10 minutes of posture mechanics, wrapping up with a seated meditation followed by optional savasana. Designed to help you maintain a morning movement practice and still get to work by 9:00am. Monday’s will include slightly more rest, Wednesday’s slightly more work, and Friday’s slightly more play.

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SILENT Heated ODY Daily Practice: 60 minutes

This is the same sequence as out ODY Daily Practice, but with minimal to zero verbal instruction. While this is the same All Levels class that is great for beginners, we require students to have taken at least 5 regular Heated ODY Daily Practices or Classes before attending.
We offer this class with lower lighting, a little background music and the same heat format as our regular classes.


Heated ODY Daily Practice plus Massage Balls: 75 minutes

This is a classic Heated Daily Practice (60 minutes) class that ends with 15 minutes of therapeutic and restorative massage ball sequences. While the yoga sequence will remain almost the same every week, the focus for the massage ball will change week to week.
This class is perfect for those who are looking for a great combo of sweat inducing movement and nervous system soothing.
No experience needed in either yoga or ball work.
We supply all the balls that are needed, but having your own balls is always nice 🙂 Feel free to buy some in our retail area.
Beginner Friendly.


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