Why Kettle Bells and Yoga?

Kettle Bell strength training is not about building muscle mass. It’s about increasing muscular and skeletal function, much like hatha yoga is. When you do strength work with Kettle Bells, the movements are designed to strengthen the muscles that stabilize the pelvis and spine, while working on creating open and very strong shoulders. Kettle Bell work will increase whole body strength, joint stability and endurance. Much like a hot yoga class, you will be surprised at the cardiovascular workout! Combining a Kettle Bell workout with a regular yoga practice is probably the best combination of exercise out there. Don’t be intimidated, these classes are designed with yogi’s in mind and are open to all levels of experience and strength (once you’ve completed your Intro Classes).

Next Kettle Bell Intro-October 21-November 11 2019

(Completion is required to attend the Kettle Bell Level 1 class)
Learn the basics of Kettle Bell movement and strength building in this 4 class session. Each class is 60 minutes.
We will meet once a week for four weeks, giving us ample time to break down the foundational basics of how to use kettle bells safely and effectively.
You will be given lots of personal attention and guidance on making weighted movement work for you!
Open to brand new beginners or folks who need a refresher before coming back to classes.
Limited to 6 people.

Kettle Bell Level 1

This Basic Kettle Bell class focuses on Strength & Conditioning. The strength component entails a full body approach using KB techniques, calisthenics, and mobility. The conditioning component focuses on metabolic conditioning after the strength portion. Both components emphasize proper form/techniques and will be challenging, yet fun for everyone no matter your skill or strength. The entire class is designed to strengthen your arms, hips, back, and legs while adding stability/mobility to the entire body. Yogis will appreciate the mind/body connection as well as the fun/challenging aspect. It is the perfect compliment all yoga practices!

Kettle Bell Level 2

Coming Soon!

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