At this time, we do not offer classes exclusively for pregnant students.  However, we do offer a great all levels class in our unheated room that can be easily modified through the progression of the students pregnancy.

If you are experienced with Hot Yoga and are not in a high risk pregnancy, you are more than welcome to practice in our hot classes.  Some expecting mothers find that the heat does not bother them at all and some cannot tolerate it while pregnant.  We advise that any negative feelings toward practicing in the heat while pregnant be paid utmost respect and to avoid the heat in that case.  We encourage you to stick to the milder area of the room and take breaks as often as you need.  Monica Shannon is well experienced in practicing through pregnancies and is happy to spend time with students one on one to help them navigate any yoga class while pregnant.  Please contact her directly to set a short private meeting to learn modification and alternative postures to the regular series.

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