Restorative Yoga incorporates familiar yoga positions, but almost entirely supported with props such as blankets, blocks, bolsters or straps.  The poses are held from 2-15 minutes and students are usually left to completely relax with minimal intervention from the teacher once the posture is completely set up.  This style of yoga can be deeply transformative even with the subtlety of the positions.  Being supported in a pose allows the nervous system to work on regenerative processes that counter the negative effects of stress, trauma and chronic pain or injuries.

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Our spines are designed to work as springs. Absorbing the force of being upright, whether it’s walking, running or going down the stairs. In our youth we have optimal function and use of our spinal columns, but our cultural patterns of sitting to do almost everything slowly degrades the quality of spine function…resulting in a body that gradually only moves reluctantly and not very naturally. This class uses Open Doors classic posture sequence as a template, but places emphasis on exploring and re-building the springy nature of the spinal column. Expect to have fun, sweat and be amazed at your ability to move! Each class is slightly different and can include inversion work on your hands. All that you learn is easy to implement into ANY yoga practice.

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Kettle Bells – Level 1 *New Sessions starting January 2019*!

Our Kettlebell program runs in 6 week sessions, with series and drop in classes for all levels. If you are interested in doing Private Kettle Bell sessions, please email the studio and we will be happy to help you set that up.

This Kettle Bell Basics class focuses on refining skills, postural issues and Strength & Conditioning. The strength component entails a full body approach using KB techniques, calisthenics, and mobility. The conditioning component focuses on metabolic conditioning after the strength portion. Both components emphasize proper form/techniques and will be challenging, yet fun for everyone no matter your skill or strength. The entire class is designed to strengthen your arms, hips, back, and legs while adding stability/mobility to the entire body. Yogis will appreciate the mind/body connection as well as the fun/challenging aspect.

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