How to Prepare

Come at least 20 minutes early for your first class. Latecomers will not be admitted!

Parking: There is plenty of street parking on Johnson St, St. Mary’s (south of Johnson) and on Gaston St. There is also parking around the sides and back of our building, labeled “RP”. If you park at Ciagos next door during meal times (lunch and dinner), you are at risking of being towed. However, they tend to be pretty nice if you use their spaces in the early morning or mid afternoon.

For heated classes, be prepared to sweat: bring a beach/large bath towel and clothes that are fitted but comfortable; running shorts, tank tops, sports bra. Please prepare your body by hydrating during the day and coming to class on an empty stomach. Your last real meal is best eaten 2-3 hours before class time. All of our classes are done barefoot. Please make sure your feet are clean!

For unheated yoga and pilates classes, bring a sticky mat and a towel if you are a heavy sweater. We have mats to use, but cannot promise how clean they are. Bringing your own is ideal.

We have showers! And nice spacious bathrooms to change in and store your extra stuff.

If you forget anything, we rent or provide most anything you could need;
Class mat/towel: $3.00
Shower towel: $1.00

For after class, we sell locally made fresh organic juice and coconut water. Prices range from $3 to $8.
We do not sell bottle water, but do provide filtered water fountains. Bring your own bottle.

We accept all forms of payment!

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