Tuesday, December 11, 2018


Take two luxurious hours to decompress, be still, and sink into a sleepy Winter’s recess.

Restorative yoga, developed by an Osteopathic physician, is a deeply yin (passive, receptive) practice, emphasizing parasympathetic (“rest and digest”) mode, leaving your nervous system feeling smooth as a rose petal milk and honey bath.

Qi Gong is an internal martial art that emphasizes deep relaxation. By gently inducing a change in state of consciousness, we may discover new internal perceptions that unwind our inner and outer stressors. Qi Gong involves both dynamic (gentle movements) and still (meditative, visualization) aspects.

In this class, emphasis will be placed on the kidney and adrenal gland systems. The aim is to recharge our “bio battery” and find value not only in our accomplishments, but also our ability to enjoy, give in, and rest.


Sinead is a final year graduate student of Chinese medicine in San Francisco, CA. She aims to integrate movement arts with Chinese medicine theory and acupuncture. Becoming sensitive to sensations and non-verbal cues in the body opens up more “data points” to make daily choices, acknowledging the power of intuition in addition to logic based self-care. This naturally lends itself to self-empowered decisions for prevention of common illnesses. The meridian system of Chinese medicine theory offers a new paradigm lens through which to understand, listen to, and care for the body during a yoga class.

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